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catalog your personal library.

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Quickly add books

We know the thought of cataloging all your books seems intimidating, which is why Ex Libris makes it very easy to add them. Just start typing the name of a book in Quick Add and it will fill book information for you.


Sort books into collections

We know deciding one way to arrange books on shelves is absolutely gut wrenching—they look beautiful when arranged by the color of their covers, but you can't see titles by one author together; arrange them chronologically, and your favorite books on a subject fall too far apart. Ex Libris makes life easy! No matter how your books are organized on a shelf, you can now see them in as many different ways as you can think of by sorting them into collections.


Know where your books are

When you have hundreds of books, it is impossible to remember where each one is kept. The problem gets worse when your library is split between cities, or even between home and work. Know exactly where your books are, and never turn your house upside down looking for a book that was never there in the first place.


Loan and borrow books

With Ex Libris, keep track of all your loaned and borrowed books in one place—no more losing books because you don't remember who borrowed them, or paying hefty overdue fines and losing face!



The free trial of Ex Libris lets you try out all features for as long as you want, and store up to 50 books. If you have more than 50 books, you can purchase a subscription: the One Year plan costs $12, and the Two Year plan costs just $21.

If you live in India, you can get a One Year subscription for free. Click here to know why.




Ex Libris also comes with a companion Android app that lets you scan ISBN barcodes and quickly add books to your library.

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